What You Can Expect from the SimplyShred PSC418D 18-Sheet Cross Cut Heavy Duty Paper Shredder

If you want to secure your personal details such as the ones found in your billing statements, receipts, and other important documents, then you need to find a reliable tool that can virtually shred all sorts of documents in a snap. The SimplyShred PSC418D Cross Cut Heavy Duty Paper Shredder features a perfect combination of high performance, functionality and elegance in one solid package. This machine can shred up to 18 sheets of paper at a time including DVDs/CDs and credit cards. With this paper shredder, you can protect your personal data from unauthorized individuals in a few simple steps!

Easy to Use

What’s excellent about this product is that it comes completely assembled and ready to use the moment you remove it from the box. This takes out the stress in connecting several components or following intricate assembly instructions.

Stress-Free Disposal

Another remarkable feature of this paper shredder by Simply Shred is that it does not require you to use bags or containers to catch items that have been shredded. In fact, this product is equipped with a removable basket that you can pull out and empty into the trash bin for quick disposal. With this feature, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to cleaning up the mess caused by tiny pieces of shredded paper or plastic.

Keep Your Personal Info Secured

The machine can shred paper and plastic such as credit cards into tiny pieces, so your personal details are unlikely to fall into the wrong hands. In addition, the shredder exudes an elegant and highly professional appeal, which makes it an outstanding addition to your office.

Who Would Buy the SimplyShred PSC418D Paper Shredder

Those who want to ensure the security of their personal details printed in documents, credit cards or in CDs will find this product quite suitable to their needs. The heavy duty paper shredder can quickly cut through at least 18 sheets of paper and plastics, thus allowing you to maintain the privacy of your vital information. You will also appreciate the ease of use and hassle-free ways of maintaining the great condition of this shredder.


Most people agree that the shredder is simple to use and set up. All you need is to plug it in, press the “on” button, and it can start shredding paper in a matter of seconds. It also comes with a reverse button that allows you to back up the paper in case you accidentally put in more than what the machine can handle. This shredder is reasonably fast and delivers quality results that will meet your expectations.


This shredder may work perfectly on several sheets of paper and credit cards, yet it is unable to shred file folders and cardboards. Nevertheless, it functions efficiently in slicing your important documents, so you can ensure the safety of valuable personal details by using this quality shredder for personal or business use.

Value for Your Money

There are so many things you will love about the SimplyShred PSC418D Cross Cut Heavy Duty Paper Shredder including its durability, sleek design and ability to cut through various items efficiently. Find out more about this product now, and purchase one for your home or office – and keep all your vital personal details safe.

How to Make and Use Coffee Pods

Do you count yourself amongst the millions of people who drink coffee everyday? They’ve sure come a long way with coffee makers, haven’t they? From the old days when you had to put the coffee pot on a stove burner, to the traditional coffee maker, to today’s one-cup numbers, the designs of coffee makers, like many things, continue to progress. Some people don’t need a coffee maker that fixes many cups at once; some people need just one cup of coffee brewed at a time. For those people, you can save money and have a handy supply of one-cup coffee portions, by making them yourself. Use the mini coffee portions at home or take them with you on the go. They’re great for when you’re traveling or to take camping with your bluetooth coffee maker.

It’s not hard at all to make your own coffee pods and, when you do, you’ll always have a single measure of coffee whenever you want it. Look around your house for a suitable container to make the “mold”. A half-cup measuring cup works well but you can also use a teacup, a bowl, or a juice glass.

Buy small coffee filters to make the individual pods. Lay a coffee filter over the chosen cup then push it down to the bottom. Spoon in a tablespoon or two. Gather the excess coffee filter and tie it shut. Use baker’s twine, thread, or even un-waxed dental floss, to tie it shut. Leave the strings hanging long. Trim the coffee filter itself to about an inch away from the tie.

Store the coffee pods in a zipper-lock bag and use them as you need them. To use, boil a cup of water, and place the pod in your coffee mug so that it’s at the bottom but the strings are hanging out and over the side of the cup. Pour the boiling water over the coffee pod and let it steep for a minute or so. If you want, hold the bag by the strings, and raise and dip, again and again, as you would with a teabag. You can lift the bag, allow the excess to drip off, then remove the bag from the cup. Or, lay the bag on a spoon, then press the backside of another spoon against it, to squeeze out the excess.

Making your own coffee pods can save you money and they are handy to take with you while you travel or camp. But, they’re just as delicious when served at home.

Zojirushi NP-HBC10 5-1/2-Cup Rice Cooker

We got shifted to a new apartment, before setting up the kitchen and all the stuff the only useful thing that came up to our minds was the ‘Zojirushi NP-HBC10′ to cook us some delicious rice. We tried many ways to cook rice as rice is one of our most favorite item in our family, but we failed. As some appliances over cook the rice and some lately mesh them making a sort of paste or something. Then a friend of mine gave me an advice to use the Zojirushi 5 cup rice cooker, at 1st we thought it will prove like rest of the items we tried. But no, interestingly this one came right up to the mark. It cooked the rice perfectly without breaking them out or scorching them. The features we liked about it most is that it offers a vide variety of rice to cook. Especially when it comes to brown rice it is a very difficult job to cook it as it takes a lot of time.

While talking about this machine one gets a feeling that it is meant for rice only, and what is there for the non rice lover? Still there is so much more for the non rice lovers too. The gentle simmer function gently cooks the beans deep down, which are very fragile and can break if they get a rough treatment.

The Zojirushi NP-HBC10 model has a function that we like the most is the sound that it makes when it completes cooking. Other than that the gentle smell of the cooked rice makes the house filled with aroma. It is easy to use and very portable. Once I had an experience of taking it to my mom’s place with the rice in it, the rice stayed in the perfect condition and the taste intact. As we unfortunately don’t have a very spacious kitchen therefore before selecting a kitchen item we have to consider its size as well, as how much space will it occupy. Amazingly this Zojirushi is designed in such a way that it perfectly fits in the kitchen and it definitely does not mean that it didn’t have the capacity to cook more rice.

One feature that is a little tricky and needs a little attention is the manual. Although it a very easy to set but in a case some extra help is needed, the manual is there for you. When comes to time constraints about washing it, it again do not let you down in any manner, easy to wash, no white starch gets stuck to the side or anything like that. By getting Zojirushi into use one can save the money as well which he or she will spend on the other items who claim to be at par with zojirushi. The expense of food is covered when you use freshly cooked rice and beans which means no need to warm up the foods with microwave. The only thing I hate now is that, I should have bought it ages ago. A highly recommended brand and a kitchen item.

The Best Barbecue is in Las Vegas

Memphis Barbecue is big in Las Vegas. We first tried Lucille’s Smokehouse at The District in Henderson across from Green Valley Ranch Resort. The atmosphere was quaint, reminiscent of a southern grandma’s dining room and porch, and the food was tasty. Southern biscuits were delivered to our table and our beverage order was taken: Iced Tea and a Diet Coke. Too late we realized this place had real southern sweet tea. Next time we’ll remember.

Our first entrée was Lucille’s BBQ Combo platter. You can choose two meats and we chose the St. Louis Ribs and Tri Tip, along with french fries and baked beans as sides. The second entrée was the Smoked Barbecue Half Chicken. I was worried I was going to be served a giant bird but the portion size was just right. The meat was tender and married well with the sweet Barbecue sauce. My sides were french fries and cole slaw.

We left satisfied and entertained, not realizing this was just the beginning of Memphis Barbecue in Las Vegas.

As you know everyone in Las Vegas is drunk, so therefore you’re going to want to grab yourself some beers to. But now you wonder, in the desert and the scorching heat how will you keep your drinks cool? Well if you invest in a zojirushi vacuum bottle then you should be able to keep your drinks cool and out of sight!

When we saw the Memphis Championship Barbeque across the street from where we were staying, we knew we’d have to give it a try and compare it to other barbecue we’ve known and loved. We must say Memphis Championship Barbecue is the best we’ve ever had anywhere–it’s even better than Bubba’s Bodacious Barbecue in Orlando and we thought that was awesome. And it’s even better than Texas barbecue at Armadillo Willy’s on the San Francisco Peninsula, which we used to insist was the best barbecue anywhere.

The atmosphere at Championship Barbecue is fun–full of Memphis and Elvis memorabilia on the walls, including piped in music of Elvis. We were seated in a booth and our waitress promptly arrived, asking for our drink order and if we’d like to start off with some complimentary dinner rolls. We ordered real southern Sweet Tea this time and a Diet Coke. The dinner rolls with honey butter were the lightest and tastiest dinner rolls we’ve ever had.

We skipped the enticing appetizers and got right to the entrees. The first entrée was the Barbecue Pork Shoulder, slow-cooked for 18 to 20 hours with Grandma’s baked beans and hush puppies as sides. The second entrée was a Beef Brisket Sandwich topped with slaw, barbecue sauce and Magic Dust, and a baked sweet potato and Grandma’s baked beans as sides. The sweet potato was topped with butter, cinnamon and sugar and was the best I’ve ever had. And the hush puppies also get high marks as being the best-crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside without being greasy or mushy.

We didn’t save room for dessert but we’re already planning our next visit and what we plan to order: the Catfish dinner and Charbroiled Shrimp-with hush puppies, of course.

Even Gaming Laptops May Have Some Problems And Issues

Good gaming laptops are in demand, but these devices come in many sizes, capabilities, and price ranges. Gaming is a popular use for computers of all types, and laptops allow gamers to continue playing even while on the go. Laptop computers often experience certain problems and issues though, and these have made this type of device unsatisfactory for some individuals. Many laptop models have limited abilities due to the smaller size, fewer components, lightweight design, and power free operation.

Laptop computers can be pricey, and if the computer will be used for gaming then many additional components and capabilities must be included. Games played on the computer may require an enormous amount of resources, and many models are not designed to handle this type of load. Gaming laptop computers are designed to be used for gaming purposes but many consumers are not extremely thrilled with these products even when high end models are purchased.

One problem that occurs even in good gaming laptops is overheating. Many laptops can become extremely hot when used for extended periods, and everyone knows that gamers may have difficulty shutting off the device. The battery can overheat and in rare cases has caused injuries or started fires. These laptops also have a very limited source of power. Because they are built to be compact and light in weight a large battery can not be included. This means that many laptops can only be used for a few hours at most before the device must be plugged in and recharged.

Many experts advise that laptop computers should not be used for games that require large amounts of resources, extensive processing, and other high demand applications. Instead these experts recommend that games are chosen based on small requirements instead. This can help eliminate some of the problems experienced by individuals who purchase a gaming laptop.

There are many good laptops available on the market, but even the best such as the ASUS Zephyrus may have some issues or problems. Determine what specifications and requirements the desired game has, and then compare laptop models to see which ones can meet these needs within the allowed budget. This will help minimize any problems and issues while allowing the maximum laptop capabilities.

Best Portable Coffee Makers for Camping Trips

Getting ready for a camping trip? Is coffee an urgent need when you open your eyes in the morning? Here is a great review for the best coffee options for the avid camper.

Optimus Terra Kettle

The best option I have found that gives you great coffee and still let’s you live the “real” outdoors experience is the Optimus Terra Kettle. It is a very light kettle made of anodized aluminum and includes a mesh bag in it for coffee grounds. While I do not use the bag itself, I do use the kettle every time I camp. I buy Folgers and Maxwell House’s coffee pouches and heat my water in the kettle over the fire. Each cup tastes fresh brewed without any grounds floating in my cup. One of the only draw backs to the Optimus Terra Kettle is that it only holds about 2 cups of water (I drink a lot more coffee than just the 2 cups in the morning) so I find myself having to heat up more water frequently. All in all this is really my favorite way to make coffee while camping.

Lexan Java Press

A unique way to get great coffee while camping is by using the Lexan Java Press. You just add boiling water to the coffee grounds in it and press the plunger down and in minutes you have a great cup of coffee. The Lexan Java Press is really lightweight and easy to use. It does seem to make a more full flavored coffee and can lean toward the strong side. If you play with it, and the amount of grounds you add to it, you will find it makes some really great, fresh brewed coffee for those cold crisp mornings.

Koolatron 12V 10-Cup Portable Coffeemaker

Koolatron has come up with a great, portable coffee maker that can be plugged into any camper, rv or car’s cigarette lighter. The Koolatron 12V 10-Cup Portable Coffeemaker is perfect for the no mess, no fuss mornings while in the outdoors. In minutes this coffee maker can brew out 10 cups of fresh brewed java. It can also heat water for other uses, such as hot tea or making the kids some quick hot cocoa.

Ledmark Industries 20 Cup Coffee Percolator

If you like coffee made in a percolator than the Ledmark 20 cup coffee percolator is for you. It is made from anodized aluminum and is heavy duty to withstand the campfire heat. It comes with side and top handles for easy pouring and has fresh coffee ready in just minutes. It also does not leave that metal taste in your mouth that you find with some other percolators.

Coleman Camp Coffeemaker

The Coleman Camp Coffeemaker brews coffee for your camping trip just like your coffeepot at home does. If you are looking for a fresh cup of coffee without the extra floating grounds in your cup, this is the pot for your camping trip. The Coleman Coffee maker stands up to what we have come to expect from Coleman. It is durable and can withstand a rugged out doors experience like no other. This must have for your camping trip even includes the pause and serve feature for when you just can’t wait for the pot to be done. It even makes many other hot drinks like hot cocoa and hot tea. The only downside to this pot is that it does take a little longer to get that fresh morning java, around 45 minutes of brewing time. It is well worth the wait though.