What You Can Expect from the SimplyShred PSC418D 18-Sheet Cross Cut Heavy Duty Paper Shredder

If you want to secure your personal details such as the ones found in your billing statements, receipts, and other important documents, then you need to find a reliable tool that can virtually shred all sorts of documents in a snap. The SimplyShred PSC418D Cross Cut Heavy Duty Paper Shredder features a perfect combination of high performance, functionality and elegance in one solid package. This machine can shred up to 18 sheets of paper at a time including DVDs/CDs and credit cards. With this paper shredder, you can protect your personal data from unauthorized individuals in a few simple steps!

Easy to Use

What’s excellent about this product is that it comes completely assembled and ready to use the moment you remove it from the box. This takes out the stress in connecting several components or following intricate assembly instructions.

Stress-Free Disposal

Another remarkable feature of this paper shredder by Simply Shred is that it does not require you to use bags or containers to catch items that have been shredded. In fact, this product is equipped with a removable basket that you can pull out and empty into the trash bin for quick disposal. With this feature, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to cleaning up the mess caused by tiny pieces of shredded paper or plastic.

Keep Your Personal Info Secured

The machine can shred paper and plastic such as credit cards into tiny pieces, so your personal details are unlikely to fall into the wrong hands. In addition, the shredder exudes an elegant and highly professional appeal, which makes it an outstanding addition to your office.

Who Would Buy the SimplyShred PSC418D Paper Shredder

Those who want to ensure the security of their personal details printed in documents, credit cards or in CDs will find this product quite suitable to their needs. The heavy duty paper shredder can quickly cut through at least 18 sheets of paper and plastics, thus allowing you to maintain the privacy of your vital information. You will also appreciate the ease of use and hassle-free ways of maintaining the great condition of this shredder.


Most people agree that the shredder is simple to use and set up. All you need is to plug it in, press the “on” button, and it can start shredding paper in a matter of seconds. It also comes with a reverse button that allows you to back up the paper in case you accidentally put in more than what the machine can handle. This shredder is reasonably fast and delivers quality results that will meet your expectations.


This shredder may work perfectly on several sheets of paper and credit cards, yet it is unable to shred file folders and cardboards. Nevertheless, it functions efficiently in slicing your important documents, so you can ensure the safety of valuable personal details by using this quality shredder for personal or business use.

Value for Your Money

There are so many things you will love about the SimplyShred PSC418D Cross Cut Heavy Duty Paper Shredder including its durability, sleek design and ability to cut through various items efficiently. Find out more about this product now, and purchase one for your home or office – and keep all your vital personal details safe.

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